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St Peter's About Us

About us

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The hopes and ideals of most parents and teachers, view school and particularly primary school, as a learning community. It provides a caring and stimulating environment where everyone is learning, where people care about and challenge each other, and, where children can live fully as children while growing without hurry towards adulthood. The Catholic School seeks to situate its mission within the kingdom perspective of Jesus.

We believe that the following are the key defining features of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Rockhampton.


Catholic schools are called to:

  • Give witness to the message of Jesus and the mission of the church

  • Have a clear Catholic identity

  • Be communities of care

  • Offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning

  • Be open and accessible to all who seek their values

  • Be characterised by inclusive partnerships within a community of faith

School Emblem

The school emblem, depicted on the school badge, represents an 'Aboriginal Shield' and has been chosen as a symbol of the emblem worn by the Presentation Sisters who founded our school, but whose first ministry was to the people who lived in remote and isolated areas of Queensland.  The hands are a symbol of the love and care which we treasure in our school community.

St Peter's Allenstown Logo

Our Motto

Our motto - Called to Serve - is a reminder that we, like St Peter, are called to follow Christ by serving each other. Being called to serve is an invitation given to each of us when we were Baptised. It is in responding to and accepting this invitation that each child, teacher and parent begins to appreciate the uniqueness and giftedness which we have, and offer to each other. The story of our motto is discovered in the Scripture story of "the foot washing" (John 13 1-9).

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