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Our reporting process is based on the principle of stewardship. This emphasises a shared responsibility for the growth and development of the child. Reporting is aimed at informing parents of children's progress, attitudes, behaviour and at discussing the needs of the child and a co-operative means of addressing these needs. 


Reporting incorporates:

  • On-going description of classroom activities in newsletters. 

  • Oral reporting takes place throughout the year. This reporting enables parents and teachers to meet at a mutually convenient time to discuss various aspects of the child's development. 

  • Written reports distributed at the end of each semester. 


At St Peter’s, teachers aim to develop and implement a balanced assessment program across learning areas.  
A balanced assessment program: 

  • promotes, assists and improves teaching and learning 

  • helps children achieve the highest standards 

  • provides parents/carers with meaningful information on students’ achievements        


A balanced assessment program provides opportunities for teachers to collect evidence of students’ learning that is demonstrated through an assessment processes that is based on: 

  • Assessment for learning — enabling teachers to analyse and interpret information about students’ progress to inform their teaching 

  • Assessment as learning — enabling students to reflect on and monitor their own progress to inform their future learning goals 

  • Assessment of learning — assisting teachers to use evidence of students’ learning to assess achievement against goals and standards.

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