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School Board updated the School Homework policy in 2015 and believe homework is to positively contribute to each child’s holistic personal development. It should help students develop good study habits, promote positive attitudes towards school and communicate to students that learning continues to take place outside the school environment. Homework at St Peter’s is understood to be a balance of family life, extra-curricular activities and the consolidation and extension of school-based learning.


A variety of purposeful, relevant and well-structured homework tasks need to be considered to ensure balanced learning. Promoting parent involvement is imperative to the success of homework and thus communication between school and home is essential for its success. Each class teacher is responsible for setting homework for their class using the homework guidelines and taking into consideration recommended time allocations.


Reading is an essential part of a child’s development and therefore should be part of their daily home routines.  This is why at St Peter’s we recommend additional time dedicated to developing reading skills along with homework activities as set by the class teacher.






Year 1/2



Year 3/4

Year 5/6


5 mins per night / no more than 30 mins per week



10 mins per night / no more than 1 hour per week


15 mins per night / no more than 1.5 hours per week

30 mins per night / no more than 3 hours per week


10 min parent reading to child



10 min assisted reading




10 min assisted reading/15 min independent reading

30 mins independent reading

Parents are asked to contact their child’s class teacher if their child is unable to complete their homework. If students fail to complete homework to a suitable standard, without parental explanation, appropriate consequences will be imposed.  The teacher is to inform parents if homework is consistently not completed to a high standard.

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