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The St Peter's food day operates on Wednesdays during first lunch. Orders must be placed by midnight Sunday the week of. Drinks are handed out on the court by year 6 students. 

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  1. Create a login in My School Connect via the link or download the app.
    If you already have an account and students listed, don't forget to update their details for the new year.

  2. Place your order BEFORE midnight Sunday the week of. NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

  3. Food Day bags or brown paper bags are to be handed in on the morning of. *If using brown paper bags, you may need two if ordering hot and cold food. Food Day bags will not be stored at the school.

  4. Food will be ready for your child for first lunch on Wednesday.

Food Day Help

The Food Day is run by parents of the school and to make it happen we need your help. We need about 5-6 parents each Wednesday to help for about 1 hour. If we get enough parents we will have four groups and that means you only have to come once a month – which is twice a term!

What's involved:

On Wednesday it is a 9.00am start for two hours in the kitchen where food orders are organised into class groups.

If you can help out with food day in any way, please contact the School office on 4994 8225.


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