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At St Peter’s School, we aim to provide a relevant and holistic curriculum. As leaders in curriculum, we strive to:

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

Develop lifelong learners who are active participants in their world.

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

Create learning environments that are stimulating and foster the love of learning.

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

Work in partnership with all members of the school community to build positive relationships.

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

Create inclusive learning environments where all feel welcomed, accepted and safe.

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

Celebrate and share the charism of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters through leadership assemblies and Presentation Day.

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

Provide learning experiences that are engaging, challenging, open-ended and differentiated for learners.

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

Encourage learners to be self-motivated and reflective.

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum

As a staff, to be leaders in learning through continued professional development.




At St Peter’s School we support a culture of learning for students, staff and parents. Clear expectations are one of the pillars of our behaviour management and curriculum practices. We promote safe and supportive learning environments by sharing and discussing what they are learning, why they are learning it and what success looks like. 


We set goals and celebrate growth and achievement throughout the year to recognise and encourage our students and to inspire learning together.


The St Peter’s School Curriculum is composed of connected and discrete programs derived from available Diocesan, state and national documents. While Religion, English and Mathematics are taught as discrete units of work, teachers are encouraged to look for opportunities to connect with other key learning areas.

  • St Peter’s has a specialist lesson each week for Health & Physical Education and The Arts.

  •  Every second year students engage in an Artist in Residence program for a term and a specialist dance lesson for a term. 

  • Once a term students are immersed in a Cultural Day providing an opportunity to explore another culture for a day. 

St Peter's Allenstown Curriculum


St Peter’s School has 15 rooms designated as classrooms including a music room, as well as a reading room, maker space, specialist room, a multipurpose room, library, kitchen, administration building, covered courtyard area, Caulfield Cup Court and access to St Peter’s Church. 

There are three playgrounds for students, a designated prayer space for class meditation and quiet prayer. All classrooms are equipped with tvs and interactive smartboards for the Prep and Year 1 classes to support student learning.

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iPads are available in classrooms for the Prep – Year 3 classes, wireless keyboards for iPads are in Year 2 & 3, students in Year 4 have 1:1 Chromebooks in classes and Year 5 & 6 partake in a 1:1 Chromebook hire. 

There is a Phonak microphone speaker system in all learning areas. The school has a maker space with green screen, spheros, makey makeys, mini drone and multiple coding resources. 

The Reading Room has home readers, guided readers, large books and oral language resources.

All students have access to an online reading that can be accessed with their school login credentials.

Community Partnerships

St Peter’s School Community reflects our mission statement ‘nurture love and learning for the good of the whole community.’ We build strong partnerships with parents and our community through clear communication, high expectations and positive relationships. 

Staff communicate regularly through a learning journal app where work is shared for parents to view and a weekly news is shared with the events for the week and the curriculum focus. Communication and school news is shared through a newsletter that is emailed out weekly, Seesaw and a school Facebook page. 

Parents and caregivers are welcomed to assist within classes for rotational activities as well as excursions and open classrooms for various celebrations and events. Parents are encouraged to engage in their child’s learning and contribute to the running of our school community through ways such as food day, School Board, P & F and our Caulfield Cup Race Day. 

We foster strong relationships with Bethany Aged Care and visit once a fortnight to engage with the residents and visit for additional celebrations. With various celebrations throughout the year we invite our members for Capricornia to attend and engage with the community and support various local and global charities. 

Our school grounds are used to support a playground gathering and upon enrolment for Prep, we liaise with local day care centres and kindergartens to ensure a smooth transition for students. In addition to transition statements, our learning support team may attend days at the kindy to view practices to support students. When transitioning to secondary schooling we engage in transition days to our local Catholic secondary college The Cathedral College and other schools. If deemed necessary, our learning support team facilitates additional transition days for students moving to secondary schooling.

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