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St Peter's Allenstown Our Staff

Our Staff

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The staff of St Peter's Catholic Primary School recognises the school's motto, "Called to Serve'; is a responsibility to be role models for all members of our community. We work together to promote an environment that is welcoming, positive, respectful, caring and supportive for all. We are dedicated to providing a faith filled, high quality education that recognises the diversity of individuals and nurtures a life-long quest for learning. We embrace the concept of communal leadership, which recognises the richness of every individual, and encourage all to accept their responsibility to contribute to making St Peter's a great place to work, learn and achieve together. 

Leadership Team

Admin Team

Teaching and Support Team

Miss Kealie Pollett - Prep
Miss Amy Tennent - Prep

Mrs Nicole Jackson- Year 1
Mrs Julie Goltz & Mrs Lauren Darby - Year 1

Mrs Cherie Blinco - Year 2
Mrs Jade Offord - Year 2

Mrs Nicole Hargreaves - Year 3
Mrs Alice Warby - Year 3

Mrs Elizabeth Cameron - Year 4
Mrs Shereen Svendsen- Year 4

Mrs - Anja Winch - Year 5
Mrs Michelle McIntosh - Year 5

Mrs Lynne Thomas - Year 6
Mr Lauren Vernon - Year 6

Mrs Fiona Clerc - Learning Support

Mrs Caroline Gambling - Learning Support

Mrs Zara Bellette - Special Projects

Mrs Tori Stanke - School Counsellor

Mrs Candida Godbaz - Librarian

Mrs Brenna Anderson - Music, Drama & Choirs
Mrs Kristie Whitehead - Heath & Physical Education

Miss Mya Duffy - Educational Support Officer

Mrs Carmel Witten - Educational Support Officer

Mrs Linda Cowan - Educational Support Officer 

Mr Zara Williams  - Educational Support Officer 

Mrs Ruby Mattson - Education Support Officer
Mrs Katrina Hirst - Educational Support Officer 
Mrs Sandra Larkin - Educational Support Officer 

Mrs Brooke Lever - Educational Support Officer

Miss Natalie Marxsen - Educational Support Officer 

Mrs Natalie Shepherd - Educational Support Officer

Mrs Janita Sheppard - Educational Support Officer

Mrs Amanda Terare - Educational Support Officer
Mrs Cassandra Tzoutzias - Educational Support Officer

Mrs Nikki Webster - Educational Support Officer

Mr Lleyton Muggeridge - Education Support Officer
Mr Dean Hood - Cleaner/Groundsman

Mr Johnson Mayocyoc - Cleaner/Groundsman

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