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Dear Parents,


Thank you for your interest in St Peter’s Catholic Primary School. On behalf of our children, staff, parents and Parish Priest, I extend a warm welcome to you and to your family. We hope that your time with us will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your family.


Our mission is to provide a faith community witnessing to the values of Christ; where each person is respected and works in partnership to nurture love and learning for the good of the whole community. 


For this to be achieved, the partnership that exists between school and home must be one of support, encouragement and love. We encourage our parents to become a part of the every day life of the school and to assist the staff wherever possible. Open communication is essential and will always be encouraged.


I ask you to take an active part in your child’s education and their development in academic pursuits and social interactions. I trust that you will participate in school functions, school masses and prayer assemblies, as you are an important part of our school community. 


I believe that for effective education to take place there must be open and honest communication between parents, teachers and students and this will be encourage by me and my staff on a daily basis.


It is our hope that your presence will strengthen this community through your involvement in the education of your child or children.


The information available is to assist you and your family in adjusting to your school environment. If the school staff or I can be of any assistance to you please do not hesitate to contact us.


May your experiences with us be rewarding and life giving.


Yours sincerely,

Anthony Greene


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